How do you describe your soul?

Words could never express what this little girl has done for me. She was my heart, my light, and my world. When she walked into my life a mere 9 years ago, she and I began a journey that I never could have ever imagined. My mother had just died a few months before when I was only 12, and here was this little ball of attitude that so perfectly healed my wounded heart. When I discovered she was born on Mother's day that same year - the realization that she truly was my angel, was evident.

She saw me through the hardest moments of my life, and I for her. The amount of sacrifice I had made to save her health could never amount to the happiness she has brought to me. I would have sold my soul to save her. But that does not allow us the gifts and lessons we are here to learn in this world. It is through such moments that we need to decide if we are as strong as the heartache. When I lost Maple, I realized how much my heart had left to give.

In those last few moments of her life, I kissed her sweet little paws and whispered "I Love you kiddo". Nothing else needed to be said; in our eyes we both knew what we shared in the short time that we had together.

Chase the stars my sweet girl, Mom and Nana are waiting for you...



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