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:: NEW surgery update and photos ::


Words cannot express what this girl has done for my life. Being my first dog, we learned a lot together and were absolutely inseparable (and still are). The fact that she was born on Mother's Day the year my mom died was further proof that this relationship was something special. As soon as we got her I was in charge of training, and was hooked immediately. I would train her to do a new trick everyday and yearned for my Dad to come home from work to show him what she learned next. We were a great team and she knows over 30 commands on top of basic obedience. Everyone that has ever met her says they think she is quite possibly THE perfect dog!

At 13 years old I was interested in something to "show off our skills" so to speak and stumbled onto dog shows and instantly fell in love with the sport. I showed her in Junior Handling for a few years, and while we were both very new at it all we had so much fun. In fact, if you ever ask Maple "do you want to go show" she instantly starts barking and howling as she runs towards the door raring to go. She had a go get 'em spirit that has never ceased.

Unfortunately she was diagnosed with Lyme Disease a few years back, and has recently been diagnosed with Erosive Polyarthritis. This is a fairly rare disease that attacks multiple joints and produces irreversible degeneration. In short, her back hocks have collapsed on her and she walks entirely on her "ankle" bone. Recently she underwent surgery at Tufts New England Medical Center, and her road to recovery can be read below.

This little love lights up everyone's day with her wonderful smile and wagging tail. Her name will live on through my kennel name as tribute to her beautiful presence in my life. I thank God everyday for her and always smile - Mom left me in good hands...

May 6th :: Maple is admitted to Tufts for a Tarsal Arthrodesis in both back legs.

May 9th :: Maple returns home after surgery. Both her back legs are in a large (and very fitting) bright pink cast and she needs to be walked in a sling for a few weeks. She gets a bandage change every 2-3 days and will have her stitches out in the next 10-15 days. Once stitches are off, she may or may not still have her casts on. In 8 weeks she will return to Tufts for x-rays to see how her bones have been healing.

She will need a lot of physical therapy and will go to work with me where she can get regular hydrotherapy and acupuncture as well. She will be on glucosamine supplements as well as vitamins and possibly enzymes to help her heal during this important time. It will be a long road to recovery but we are very hopeful that our little girl can walk again and enjoy a long healthy life! :)

October 22 :: Photos were added below to show the DRAMATIC change in Maple's back hocks. It has been a long 5 months, but the fact that I can walk her on a leash is something I truly never thought would be possible again. She is still rather stiff, so we are trying Fido-Wobenzym to ease her inflamation/pain, as well as giving her plenty of Omega Fatty Acids to keep her immune system up and help with future arthritis as well. We are going to start regularly swimming her every week to work on muscle tone, as well as basic myotherapy to ease her muscles.

The biggest improvement of all are her bright hopeful eyes and her trademark smile. They have been lost these past few years with so much discomfort and hopelessness.. but the following pictures truly illustrate the beautiful girl that I have grown up with and love to death.

Thanks to everyone for the support, and we will keep you updated on her as she continues to improve! :-)

Look at the dramatic difference before and after surgery!

One of the perks of working at a Veterinary Hospital! Our favorite doctor decided Maple needed some designer casts while she recouped :)


We couldn't resist an informal photo shoot...

Taken 10/1/05



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